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Supporting Physician Families

The FWMS Alliance has been in existence since 1939 as a philanthropic organization helping to serve the ever-changing needs of our community. 


The Alliance represents the spouses and families of all physicians, residents and medical students, and serves  through the Fort Wayne Medical Society Foundation. There are many avenues of support, but none so critical as the funding and volunteerism we receive from our members. The Alliance is an all-volunteer organization, and 100% of our funds goes toward our programs and communication.


We want you to join us!  


We are a unique organization that understands the demands a medical career can place on a family, from medical school through retirement. We have woven a support network that is not only united in the desire to serve the community, but also provides lifelines to each other during times of hardship, illness or grief, while also celebrating the joys of growing families, career achievements, and life's milestones.


Consider joining this fantastic organization as a member, and we invite you to view our committee and board member openings to see where you may lend your time and talent! 

Interested in community volunteer opportunities?  Click here for details!

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 Supporting Community

Memberships for local medical student and resident spouses are free to join us.  We endeavor to be a system of support and guidance as they enter the medical community and we welcome the perspectives and talents each brings to the group.

Our "Friends of the Alliance" membership category invites anyone in our community who is interested in partnering or volunteering in our programs to become a member and also be included at our social events.  Wonderful things happen when we work and share together!

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