Welcome to our

Community Connection Corner! 

Here, you will find ways to lend a helping hand with Alliance projects

or for organizations within our community, and see how we are making an impact with your time, talents and resources!

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Super Shot is a local non-profit committed to breaking down the barriers of access and cost to provide vaccinations to those in need. 

Be a volunteer member of our dedicated team that provides over 8,500 children in Allen County 28,000 doses of life-saving vaccine annually.  Through your generous gift of time and talent, you will protect thousands of children and our entire community against preventable diseases. 

The application process is simple:

Volunteer vaccinators who will administer shots are required to complete an application, background check, confidentiality form, emergency contact form and attend Volunteer Orientation.  Proof of medical certificate or license is required.

Data entry volunteers need to submit their full name, date of birth and attend a short training session.

For questions or to volunteer, please contact Liz Hathaway at somnusdr1@aol.com

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Alliance data entry volunteers

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Recent Alliance Projects:

October and November 2020 Community Support campaigns were in partnership with the ISMA-Alliance Food Insecurity Initiative.










The Alliance donated $5000 to Aging & In-Home Services for their Meals-on-Wheels Program.
Additionally, the Alliance donated $5000 to the Community Harvest Food Bank and

volunteered at their main warehouse and distribution center.

December 2020 Community Support Campaign - FW Rescue Mission.

The AMA-Alliance has a “socks for the homeless” national campaign this year.
To support that mission, the FWMS Alliance purchased socks.  In addition, when looking at the Rescue Mission’s “want” list, underwear was listed for November and diapers were listed for December. 

Our FWMS Alliance purchased: 80 pairs of men’s socks and 68 men’s underwear. 40 pairs of women’s socks and 38 women’s underwear, and 6 large boxes of various size diapers (over 1000).                      
January 2021 Community Support Campaign - St. Joseph Missions Women’s Shelter.

The FW Medical Society has selected this organization as one of their four community giving recipients this year. We wanted to partner with them as part of our Homelessness campaign.  We filled 12 large totes with items listed on their website want list: twin sheets, blankets, pillows, mattress and pillow protector covers, and towel sets to put in each tote.

March 2021 Community Support Campaign- FW Schools

With matching funds from the Fort Wayne Medical Society Foundation, the Alliance hosted a free day of admission to Science Central on Saturday, March 13, 2021 in lieu of our annual Doctor's Day.  Alliance members greeted guests that day and handed out information.



April 2021 Community Support Campaign- FW Rescue Mission 

Alliance members Betty Sue Rowe, Sushila Amin, Tonya Hughes and Cammy Sutter volunteered at the

Fort Wayne Rescue Mission to help serve carry-out meals on Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2021

to the 2000-3000 homeless or nearly homeless in our area. 

May 2021 Community Support Campaign- From This Day Forward

Thank you to Cinderella Chair, Tonya Hughes

for her time and effort supporting this event!

June 2021 Community Support Campaign- Boys & Girls Club

Thank you to Cinderella Chair, Tonya Hughes and Co-Chair, Jennifer Garrison, along with Alliance members, for their organization and participation in the event.  Young ladies from the Boys & Girls Club were outfitted for prom from head to toe and helped us spread the word about Cinderella Dress Day at the game!

Thank you ladies, you were all beautiful! 

We would like to thank all of our members for their continued support.

Please know that all we do as an organization would not be possible without you!

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