Welcome to our Community Connection Corner! 

Here, you will find ways to lend a helping hand with Alliance projects

or for organizations within our community. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

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Super Shot is a local non-profit committed to breaking down the barriers of access and cost to provide vaccinations to those in need. 

Be a volunteer member of our dedicated team that provides over 8,500 children in Allen County 28,000 doses of life-saving vaccine annually.  Through your generous gift of time and talent, you will protect thousands of children and our entire community against preventable diseases. 

The application process is simple:

Volunteer vaccinators who will administer shots are required to complete an application, background check, confidentiality form, emergency contact form and attend Volunteer Orientation.  Proof of medical certificate or license is required.

Data entry volunteers need to submit their full name, date of birth and attend a short training session.

For questions or to volunteer, please contact Liz Hathaway at somnusdr1@aol.com

Alliance data entry volunteers

There are nearly 80,000 food insecure people in northeast Indiana, and this is expected to increase 50% due to COVID-19.  Community Harvest Food Bank distributed more than 14.25 million meals during the past year and continues to distribute record amounts of food.

Volunteers are needed to carry out a variety of tasks from stocking shelves, bagging produce and sorting food.

The Alliance is organizing a volunteer day on November 12, 2020 from 10a-12p.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Liz Hathaway at somnusdr1@aol.com to sign up and receive important information about the day.

Call us:

260 - 420 - 1011

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709 Clay St. Suite 101

Fort Wayne, IN 46802