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Since 1939, physician families have been dedicated to the needs of the community through health programs, education, protecting the future of medicine through legislative advocacy, and the support of the personal and professional lives of physicians and their families.



The Alliance Focus


To serve as community advocates to promote health education, to sponsor community service programs, and to raise funds for local health programs and health career scholarships.


To strengthen the personal and professional lives of physicians, spouses, and their families.


To provide education, information and social programs for individual development.


To be educators of legislation that protects quality healthcare allowing physicians to practice for the ulitmate benefit of their patients.


In the midst of fundraising and charitable work, we find the blessing of mutual friendship and camaraderie that supports one another during difficult times in our lives.  We serve as a network of physician families who understand the rigors of training, professional development, and the delicate balance we strive for with growth of our families.  We are united in the cause of promoting quality physicial and mental health in our own lives and our community.

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