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Formerly known as the Allen County Medical Auxiliary until the late 1990’s, the FWMS Alliance has a long and remarkable history in its service and support of Northern Indiana and the family of medicine.


Founded in 1939, the function of the Auxiliary, then as now, was to serve adjunct to the Fort Wayne Medical Society, as a group composed of physician spouses dedicated to the needs of the community through health programs, education, medical career scholarships, legislation, and the support of the personal and professional lives of physicians and their families.


Having been established during World War II, the then-Auxiliary saw its duty to necessarily include the war effort by assisting the Red Cross Blood Bank, the Community Chest, U.S.O., and seeing the formation of several War Service Committees. In 1944, of the 123 Auxiliary members, 47 of those members had physician spouses serving in the military. In response, the role of the Auxiliary also served to support its own members during this pivotal time in our nation’s history.


Eighty-five years have passed since the institution of the Alliance in Fort Wayne, with each decade presenting its own unique challenges and advancements. Throughout, the basic tenets set forth from the beginning have endured to this day.  Through avid volunteerism and fundraising efforts, the Alliance continues to serve our community and the family of medicine in a multitude of ways.


Finally, the Alliance has an enduring history of providing a caring network for physicians, spouses and their families. Other than offering a meaningful way to work together on medically related projects in our community, the Alliance also provides the opportunity for social interaction. Through various events during the year like the Fall Membership Social, the FWMS Annual Meeting and Dinner or Book Club; friendships and a support system are created for families in the healthcare community.


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