A Letter From Our President

     The 2019-2020 Alliance program year is under way, marking our 80th year of service to the Fort Wayne area family of medicine and to our community.  It is my hope that you’ll find membership in the Alliance worth your while this year!

     The reasons why it’s worth it to me are many and varied.  At the foundation, there’s the pride of being aligned with a great cause.  It simply feels like the “right thing to do,” joining other physician spouses in giving back to this community which has been so good to us. 

     But it’s deeper than that for me.  What I love about the Alliance on a personal level is that it is always relevant, regardless of what stage of life I’m in.    When my spouse, Matt, was fresh out of residency, and we were new to town with a baby in tow, I appreciated the friendship (and adult company) I found at the Alliance social gatherings.  When I was fighting cancer, the Alliance was there with meals and caring support.   As our three kids grew and I had more free time, the Alliance offered me ways to be of service, volunteering at our health-related outreach events. Recently, I’ve been appreciating the educational offerings at the Lunch-and-Learns, or the frank conversations about navigating life as a physician spouse, with others who “get” it.  Now, serving on the board is enriching my professional development.  On and on, the Alliance is a rich part of my life.  

     So, please, whatever your stage of life and whatever the Alliance means to you, start with your donation in support of this good work.  And if you’re so inclined, enjoy our social and educational events, or join us in service.   Then watch the synergistic effect of us combining our donations, time, and talent, co-creating good for our medical community and wider community, as well. 

     Regardless of how you engage, you’re a valuable member of the family of medicine, and it would be my joy and honor to have your participation this year in our FWMS Alliance family.               







           Cammy Sutter

                                                                            2019-20 FWMS Alliance President

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