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The Alliance is proud to present the 2015 scholarship recipients.  This year, our Scholarship Committee chose three deserving applicants that were each awarded a $1,500 scholarship.








Cassandra Lomont-USF-Nursing

She became interested in nursing after have her gallbladder and appendix removed at 16 years of age. She is an athlete who graduated from high school with athletic letters and achievements and as Salutatorian of her school. Cassandra hopes to someday have her doctorate in nursing and teach, with a special interest in pediatric care.


Zachary Dennis-Radiography-IPFW

A sophomore,  Zachary lives on campus and is described by friends as kind hearted. He is grateful that his parents taught him self-discipline, respect and integrity. His future plan is to  get his bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging. His interest in healthcare came about from three years of hospitalizations due to having Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Zachary has been in remission for 17 years.


Micayla Quinones-USF-Nursing

Also a sophomore, both of her parents are Lutheran Hospital nurses so she is following in the family footsteps. She is working her way through school as a waitress. Her interests are surgical nursing and neonatal intensive care nursing. She hopes her future holds a Nurse Practitioner degree.


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