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Careers in Medicine Contest


The Alliance has had a long-running relationship with Irwin Elementary School (a Fort Wayne Community Science and Math magnet school), and decided to collaborate with them on a "Careers in Medicine" contest for our 20th Annual Doctor's Day in 2015.

The contest was offered to 3rd-5th grade students, who were asked to highlight a career in medicine that interested them through an essay, poster board, or power point presentation.  To get them started, the Doctor's Day committee visited the school and presented the students with the contest guidelines and short descriptions of 24 different careers in the medical field for them to consider.  They could choose one of the careers listed or seek out another area of interest on their own.  

Guidelines included researching the education necessary for the chosen career, listing some of the daily activities associated with the job, and why they chose to highlight that particular career.

Principal Ingrid Laidroo-Martin and the teachers at Irwin were instrumental in implementing the contest and helping to narrow down the 149 entries to the top three from each class for our panel of judges to evaluate.  

The Doctor's Day committee, along with 3 physicians, Dr. Ronald Baker, Dr. Paul Bojrab, and Dr. Keith Davis, met to review 18 projects.  Through a numbered point system, results were recorded and tallied to reveal 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from each grade. 

These winners were recognized at Doctor's Day on March 7, 2015 at Science Central, where they presented their projects in the Lincoln Financial Demonstration Theater.  They received ribbons and the 1st place winners also received a one-year Science Central membership for them and their families, in addition to a gift certificate to the gift shop.

All entrants received participation ribbons.

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