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Bylaws Change

FWMS-Alliance Member,

Please find listed below the proposed Bylaws changes, dated August 11, 2021, that requires approval and a vote from the general membership. The proposed amendments are highlighted in red. Please record your vote on the form below.

This change was deemed necessary by the Budget Committee:

  1. To cover increasing Paypal fees as more members pay dues through the Alliance website.

  2. To increase revenue to assist with covering administrative expenses.


Bylaws Change:

From Article IV Fiscal Year and Membership Dues.

SECTION D  Membership Dues

  1. Annual dues shall be paid by regular members, to include and encourage local, state, and national dues. They shall be $45 ($50) for regular members and $25 ($30) for retired regular members. 

  2. Associate members (resident spouses) shall pay $10 annually for local dues. 

  3. Provisional members (medical student spouses) shall not pay dues. 

  4. Friends of the Alliance shall pay $25 ($30) annually for local dues. 






























dues 2023.png

If you would like to read the Bylaws in their entirety, please click the PDF icon.

Bylaws Changes Voting Form
Please record your vote to approve/oppose the Bylaws changes

Thank you for voting!

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